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Buff Cutter Drywall

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Buff Colored Drywall
$90.00 a Ton!!!

Colorado Red Flagstone

This stone is naturally quarried in Colorado. When selecting Colorado Red Flagstone you want to look for stones, that appear to be gritty or porous. This allows a little water to seep into the stone and can crack it. You want stones that appear solid, these will last longer. Some Colorado Red Flagstone pieces contain unique fossilized plants that are visible on the surface. This stone makes beautiful patios. It should be set in a sand surface which minimizes settling. The sand will also help the stone stay in its orignal placed position. Use stone that is about one and a half inches thick, a thinner stone is not a long term good choice for placement in a patio setting.
Polished Colorado Buff Flagstone

Polished Colorado Buff Flagstone

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